Do you want your club to achieve recognition and win awards as well?

Help build your club’s membership!  By adding members, your club will increase participation in meeting roles, improve learning opportunities, and enrich members’ experiences.

In addition to the Ralph Smedley award ribbon to proudly display on your club banner, your club will get a DVD of SPEAK (the movie) if you add five new, dual, or reinstated members to your club roster between August 1 to September 30.

SPEAK DVDSPEAK is the story of hope, perseverance, and transformation; a powerful and inspiring documentary about conquering life’s hurdles and finding your voice. Set in the multifaceted world of Toastmasters International, where  nearly 300,000 members strive to overcome their fear of public speaking,  SPEAK follows nine unforgettable finalists as they prepare and compete – fighting through family, career and health struggles – to stand above the rest as the “World Champion of Public Speaking.”

Your club has four weeks more to win a SPEAK DVD.  Stretch your creativity muscles. Organize an Open House. Create flyers and posters. Invite your family and friends. Call up former members who have not renewed. Remember to have FUN during your club meetings. A warm, friendly, and supportive environment is the best way to ensure that guests will come back and ask to join your club.