Billboard Salem Rotating-finalBecome a more confident speaker and leader. Find a club near you. 1-877-778-5730.

For the next three months this message, along with the Toastmasters logo and “Where leaders are made” tagline, will be displayed on one of seven electronic billboards in Salem. The Toastmasters ad will be shown every 5-7 minutes, one location each week. The 10 ft x 30 ft electronic billboards are located at 12th St/Vista, Lancaster/Market St, Market St/32nd, Commercial/Kuebler, Commercial/Vista, N. River Road, and Mission/17th.

Snap photos of our Toastmasters ad and post them on your Facebook page. Share the link on the District 7 Facebook Group Page  for a chance to win a SPEAK DVD. Remember to park safely and watch for vehicular traffic while taking photos. Safety first.