governor reports spelled correctlyCongratulations to all the area governors who completed and submitted their club visit reports so far. As of today, 53 clubs have reports on file at Toastmasters International.  There are 16 days left to get the other 131 reports filed before the November 30th deadline. Governors, I recommend that you don’t wait until the last minute to file your reports online  as the Toastmasters International computers are notorious for crashing as area governors in 122 countries try to beat the filing deadline.

Club visits are opportunities for the district, through the area governor, to support clubs and improve club quality.  Area governors identify opportunities for improvement and specify the support that clubs need from the district, helping clubs retain and build membership through positive member experiences. This important contribution on the part of area governors helps clubs earn Distinguished recognition. To be eligible for the Distinguished Area Program, the following criteria must be met:

1. Areas must have no net club loss

2. Areas must submit the Area Governor’s Club Visit Report for 75 percent of their club bases for first-round visits by November 30 and for 75 percent of their club bases for second-round visits by May 31.

Distinguished areas are essential to District 7 achieving it’s goal of President’s Distinguished. If you are a club officer, and you’ve not yet had a visit from your area governor for the purpose of completing the Area Governor’s Club Visit Report, please contact me at