District 7 Toastmasters Winter TLI @ Inza R Wood Middle School
Nov 16 @ 8:00 AM – 3:30 PM
Join us for club officer training and networking in Wilsonville! We have a fantastic line-up of presentations, starting with keynote speaker, Adele O’Neal. She is a Past District Governor and former Region Advisor. We have breakout sessions for the seven club officer roles, and seven elective sessions on everything from Pathways to using social media to a panel discussion on being a club sponsor/mentor/coach. There will be potluck breakfast and lunch. 
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Session Descriptions:

Keynote Presentation – The Heart of Toastmasters Leadership – Adele O’Neal, DTM, PDG, Past Region Advisor
Toastmaster leaders encourage and help clubs to offer great programs so members – who are the heart of Toastmasters – have a GREAT Toastmasters experience. In this session, Adele will talk about why Toastmasters leadership is important, fun (yes, you heard right… fun), challenging, rewarding and FUN (it needed to be said a second time!). Whether you are a club member, club officer, current or past district officer, we all have something to offer to make the best Toastmasters experience for all.

President – Lisa Hutton, DTM
The primary responsibility of the President is the supervision and operation of the Club to make sure it is meeting the members’ needs for educational growth and leadership.
Lisa joined Toastmasters in 2011 and has served as a Club officer or Area Director each of those eight years. She is a living example that you can achieve goals, and have fun doing it!

VP Education – Bob Hall, DL5, EH4
At the core of Toastmasters, especially Pathways, is a process that allows us to dig deep to improve our ability to communicate, which is at the heart of who we are as human beings. As VPE, we are the officers closest to this mission. During this session we will examine and discuss some tools and techniques that will help us to manage the education process and lead our fellow toastmasters to take greater advantage of this opportunity. Bob has been a Toastmaster for 3 ½ years and has filled several positions including VPE. He is the current President of Professionally Speaking and Area 84 Director.

VP Membership –  Members Make the Meeting – David Johnson, ACS, ALS
Without members, there can be no club. In this session, we will learn or re-acquaint ourselves with the knowledge, tools and activities needed to encourage guests to return and join, members to continue coming and stay engaged, and everyone has a stellar member experience.
David has served in most club officer roles and as an Area and Division Director during his ten years in Toastmasters. In every position, the focus was on the member, the member experience and club membership.

VP Public Relations – Promotion Commotion! Key Strategies for Promoting Your Toastmasters Club – Kathleen Tully, DTM
In this session, we will cover key strategies for actively raising awareness of your Toastmaster club within your local community. We’ll identify which resources, tools, and techniques can help you craft a clear PR vision for your club and a plan for action to achieve that vision. Join us as we create a promotion commotion!

Toastmasters 101 – Leanna Lindquist, DTM
Are you still trying to figure out what Toastmasters is all about? In this session, Leanna will share everything from the basics to a handout with valuable resources that even long-time Toastmasters will appreciate.
Leanna has held every Club officer role, and many District officer roles, including District Director. If she doesn’t know the answer, she certainly knows where to find it.

Pathways for Members – James Wantz, DTM; Erica Adkisson, TC3
In this session, you will learn about choosing a Path, completing a Project, completing a Level, and where all the Evaluations are, among other Pathways golden nuggets.
James realized that the best way to embrace change is to be part of it, so he volunteered to be a Pathways Guide. He has visited many Clubs, conducted training sessions and created 23 videos about Pathways that may be found on the D7 YouTube channel.

The Club Experience – PJ Kleffner, DTM
What was your impression the first time you visited a Toastmasters Club? Did you see a well-organized meeting full of enthusiastic people who were learning and having fun? Or, did you think, “That’s an hour I’ll never get back”. A positive experience at Club meetings is a critical part of recruiting and retaining members. In this session, we will share best practices to ensure that our visitors and members alike have a great Club experience.
PJ is the founding President of Babble-On Toastmasters, which has been President’s Distinguished for the past fourteen years in a row.

Secretary – Andrea Matthews, MS5
The Secretary organizes, records, and tracks club progress toward goals. As Secretary, you provide key accountability for your club. This is your opportunity to build on your teamwork and management skills.
Andrea joined Toastmasters in 2017 and has served as Club President and VP of Education of the Portlandia Club. She is currently Area 74 Director. She is reflecting on the Motivational Strategies Path and can’t wait to the start the next one.

Treasurer – “Show Me the Money” – Tamsen Corbin, PM3
In this session, you will learn or re-acquaint yourself with the knowledge and tools you need as Treasurer to make your Club successful.
Tamsen is a self-described “overachiever”. Since joining Toastmasters a little over two years ago, she has been a member of three Clubs, held five officer roles and is currently an Area Director.

Sergeant-at-Arms – Erik Bergman, DTM
As a writer and editor, Erik Bergman enjoyed a 33-year career in journalism, advertising and public relations. He joined Toastmasters in 2007. He has earned Toastmasters awards including the District 7 Educational Service Award and Division Governor of the Year, and he holds the title of Distinguished Toastmaster. What he enjoys most are the remarkable stories he hears from fellow Toastmasters.
Erik has served multiple terms as Sergeant at Arms for his home club, WE Toasted Toastmasters in Lake Oswego. Today he will share tips for how to make the rest of your term go smoothly as the group addresses challenges they face while sharing their successes.

Social Media and Your Club – Brandy W Henry, M.Ed.
Do you have a social media mission statement? Do you know the difference between a Post and a Story? You will, after attending this session.
Brandy loves social media and follows her own social media mission statement. She is delighted to share her knowledge and experience with you at this session.

Pathways for Base Camp Managers – James Wantz, DTM
This session is for Base Camp Managers (Club President, VP Education and Secretary). You will learn how to process Level completion and Award requests, monitor member progress, and tools, shortcuts and resources to help you be more productive. James is our resident Pathways guru.

Sponsor/Mentor/Coach Panel Discussion – Cleon Cox, DTM; Leanna Lindquist, DTM; Jim Robison, DTM
This session is especially for those who need to fill one of these roles to earn your DTM. Get all your questions answered by the experts.

3 Keys for Persuasion – John Hooley
Have you ever had to persuade someone to take action that would benefit you? Maybe you’ve asked for a date, presented your best qualities in a job interview, or sold your couch on Craigslist. Persuasion can seem like a mystical art that is beyond any but the most elite sales people and marketers. The truth is that the magic in persuasion is much simpler than you might think.
John will share three keys to persuasion that he has learned selling more than $1,000,000 in consulting projects and marketing five different software and service products. He has used these techniques to get speeches at conferences, subscribe people to email lists, sign up volunteers for charitable work, hire employees, and yes… even get rid of a couple old couches on Craigslist.

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Begin Club Evaluation and International Speech Contests
Dec 1 @ 12:00 AM
NEW DATE AND LOCATION: District Executive Committee Meeting @ Inza R Wood Middle School
Dec 14 @ 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

All members of the District Executive Committee are invited to attend this special live DEC meeting and “Meet The RA” hosted by the D7 Trio with our Region Advisor Cindy Laatsch, DTM. Thus, all Area Directors and Division Directors will have an opportunity to not only conduct district business, but have an opportunity to interact with Cindy in a seminar for district leaders. The event will also include lunch and then continue on with Toastmasters Workshop in the afternoon.

NEW DATE AND LOCATION: District Toastmasters Workshop with the Region 1 Advisor Cindy Laatsch, DTM @ Inza R Wood Middle School
Dec 14 @ 1:00 PM – 3:30 PM

Calling all Toastmasters!!! We have a special event that you will not want to miss out on. Our Region 1 Advisor, Cindy Laatsch, DTM, will be at the Inza R Wood Middle School in Wilsonville on Saturday, December 14, 2019. Cindy hails from Franklin, Wisconsin and has been a Toastmaster since 2009. Laatsch brings a wealth of leadership experience as she has since 2014 served on division and district leadership levels. We are excited and expectant as she will be conducting a very special Toastmasters Workshop from 1:00 pm until 3:00 pm for ALL Toastmasters-club members, club officers and district directors. This will be an event you will want to attend, so mark your calendars now and we’ll see you on the 14th!

SAVE THIS DATE! Division A Club Officer Training @ TBA
Jan 25 @ 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM


Division A Club Officer Training

Details to follow.

End Club Contests
Feb 7 @ 11:45 PM
Begin Area Evaluation and International Speech Contests
Feb 8 @ 12:00 AM
SAVE THIS DATE: Area 61 & 64 Evaluation and Speech Contest @ Clackamas County Red Soil Campus
Feb 11 @ 5:30 PM – 9:30 PM

Save this date for the Area 61 and 64 Evaluation and Speech Contest.

Look forward to an entertaining evening of fellowship as contestants seek to expand or show off their speaking and evaluation abilities with the chance to progress towards becoming this year’s World Champion.

Specific contest times are subject to change but will not be outside the window posted.

Thank you to Clackamas County for hosting this event.

Area 65 Evaluation + International speech contest! @ Tualatin Public Library
Mar 7 @ 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
End Area Contests
Mar 13 @ 11:45 PM
Begin Division Evaluation and International Speech Contest
Mar 14 @ 12:00 AM
SAVE THIS DATE! Division A Evaluation and International Speech Contest @ TBA
Mar 14 @ 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM


Division Awesome Evaluation andInternational Speech Contest

Venue and other details to follow.


Division H Evaluation and International Speech Contest @ Beaverton Community Center
Apr 4 @ 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Division H Contest – Potluck  Lunch

Please see Lorri for details.

Thank you

End Division Contest
Apr 12 @ 11:45 PM
District 7 Annual Conference
Apr 24 @ 6:00 PM – Apr 25 @ 7:00 PM