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It’s All About Them! – Marketing Tip #4

Hello, welcome to XYZ Toastmasters! I’m so glad you decided to visit us. Do you have a minute, I’d love to hear what brought you to the meeting today!

In the prior tips on marketing, you learned that your customer comes first. In this tip, we explore that concept just a little more.

Take the time to get to know why someone visited your club. What interested in them about YOUR club, and not the one 6 blocks down the street? Were they just curious, maybe heard about Toastmasters from a friend, and decided to check it out? Or are they looking to improve their ability to get up in front of an audience without freaking out? Whatever the reason, you won’t know unless you put your own needs aside and concentrate on your customer.

Once you know why they are interested in Toastmasters, and specifically your club, you can tailor your comments to meet their needs. Of course, this assumes that your club performed up to Toastmasters meeting standards. Oh, you don’t consider a club meeting a performance? Think about it, and look for the next marketing tip on showmanship.

Effective Marketing Tip #4 - It’s All About Them!


When Opportunity Knocks Answer the Door! – Effective Marketing Tip #3

Opportunities to talk up Toastmasters are within our grasp every day.  The problem is, we may not recognize them before it is too late.   

The  next time you find yourself fidgeting in line at the grocery store, or sharing an elevator with someone, strike up a conversation.    Asking “What do you know about Toastmasters?” could be the spark that sets ablaze the tinder of enthusiasm in your next new member.   Will this conversation starter always be successful?  No, of course not, but you can guarantee it won’t be if you never take the opportunity to speak up.

Here’s a challenge for you:  Try asking “What do you know about Toastmasters”  to a stranger every day for the next week.   Then let me know what happened.


Marketing Tip #3 – When Opportunity Knocks Answer the Door!


Why Worry about Club Growth?

“We don’t need to worry about club growth, we have enough members!”

Recently I was sitting in a club executive meeting when an officer stated that the club had enough members and they were not in favor of attracting more visitors.   After a moment of stunned silence, the other officers began to enumerate why continued member growth was so important to the well being of the club.  Some of their comments were:

1.  New members are key to club vibrancy.   Clubs that don’t grow, die.

2.  New members change club dynamics.  They bring in fresh ideas, new energy,  and provide new opportunities for existing members to be mentors, coaches, and evaluators.

3.  Member attrition is inevitable.  The club must continue to attract visitors and encourage them to become members or the club will quickly lose momentum and their competitive edge in the marketplace.

If your club is struggling with membership retention or attracting new members, let’s talk.  One of the main jobs of the Lt. Governor Marketing is to assist clubs, such as yours, get back on their feet.  Sometimes it just takes a different focus, innovative ideas, or new marketing strategies to make a difference.  I can help.

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