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Review of the Toastmasters International Board Meeting

Meeting Recap

1) Executive Committee
-District reformations
-New online district online accounting system
-2011 International Convention

2) Committee 1 – Regional Advisor Selection
-There are 14 regional advisor positions open worldwide. 44 applications for RA were received. The 14 have been selected and approved. They will be online soon.
-The committee recommended improvements for the process.

3) Committee 2 – Digital Content Transition
-Modernize policies and procedures
-Remove duplicate content
-Simplify writing style
-The new digital format will be rolling out on April 1, 2011

4) Strategic Planning Committee
Strategic direction of the organization

5) Advisory Committee of Past International Presidents
-Global representation
-Strategic plan
-Operational function of world headquarters

6) International Leadership Committee
-Approve and nominate future leaders of Toastmasters International
-Interview process for executive committee positions (looking for: integrity, communication/leadership, strategic and financial experience, and achievements outside of Toastmasters)
-The candidates for the executive committee have been selected:
President Elect: John Lau
1st Vice President: George Yen
2nd Vice President: James Catchucy (sp?) and Mohammed Murad


12 Days of Toastmasters: A Holiday Song!

Happy Holidays from your D7 Toastmasters STAFF: Cathey, Deveny and Rose!

12 Days of Toastmasters!

On the twelfth day of Christmas, Toastmasters gave to me. . .
Twelve Days of Fun

On the eleventh day of Christmas, Toastmasters gave to me. . .
Eleven Awesome Friends

On the tenth day of Christmas, Toastmasters gave to me. . .
Ten Finished Speeches

On the ninth day of Christmas, Toastmasters gave to me. . .
Nine New Members

On the eigth day of Christmas, Toastmasters gave to me. . .
Eight Clapping Fans

On the seventh day of Christmas, Toastmasters gave to me. . .
Seven Smiling Speakers

On the sixth day of Christmas, Toastmasters gave to me. . .
Six Ah’s and Um’s

On the fifth day of Christmas, Toastmasters gave to me. . .
A Five Minute Speech

On the fourth day of Christmas, Toastmasters gave to me. . .
Four Evaluators

On the third day of Christmas, Toastmasters gave to me…
Three Timing Lights

On the second day of Christmas, Toastmasters gave to me…
Two Table Topics

On the first day of Christmas, Toastmasters gave to me…
A Wonderful Icebreaker Speech!


The 2008-2009 District 7 Awards!

By Ann Snelling, DTM, IPDG

The September District 7 Network Event honored those people who gave distinguished service to our district in the past year. Thanks to these who gave of themselves unselfishly to assist others in their success. Congratulations for being recognized by your colleagues as a servant leader. A recap follows with the category and description of the award plus comments made by their peers about their service rendered.

Outstanding Area Governor of the Year – Shelley Dalmau

The Outstanding Area Governor is awarded to individuals that have had a positive, motivating force in their Area and the District. They have had successful Area contests and quantifiable results in the Area in membership, educational accomplishments, dues paid, and Area visits to clubs.

“Last year, I’d bumped into Shelley on the MAX in early hours of the morning. At 7:15 am, she was absolutely enthusiastic about her role as Area Governor. She lost no time in expounding on the speaking skills she was honing through boundless opportunities which included participating in a Speechcraft as well as helping to start a new club within her area. She has volunteered her time in helping John Waters start a club out in Molalla as well. She also was quick to lend a helping hand to other Divisions and Areas, and I especially appreciated her assistance and expertise during the contest seasons. She is also open to learning – I remember her taking “copious notes” during our Division-sponsored district meeting. Anyone who can inspire a room full of people to belly dance to “Put Your Whole Self In” has leadership qualities beyond belief. She exudes warmth to everyone she meets – a true Toastmaster. “ – from a fellow Area Governor

CONGRATULATIONS, Shelley, on being selected Outstand Area Governor of the Year!

Outstanding Division Governor of the Year – Donna Stark

The Outstanding Division Governor is awarded to individuals that have worked well with the Area Governors within their Division and with District Officers. They have been a positive, motivational force in the District in addition within their Area.

“Donna was part of the team that helped bring in the new clubs Symantec and Coast Toasties. She is a hard working champion of Central Division and District 7. She was one of the Division Governors to have a President’s Distinguished Division. She is always willing to go the extra mile for not only, her division, but for the whole district. I can think of no finer example of the working leader. “ – from a fellow Toastmaster

As our Division Governor, Donna worked tirelessly with the area governors and district officers helping us to “Put our Whole Selves In”. She helped us grow to become better members and clubs. She actively supported and participated in the area, division and district contests. She was present to offer her encouragement and support at club meetings and on charter night. Her easy-going leadership style was effective in getting the most out of the areas and clubs within her division. Donna is truly deserving to be our Outstanding Division Governor.” – from an Area Governor

CONGRATULATIONS, Donna, on being selected Outstanding Division Governor of the Year!

Rookie of the Year – Pat Lynch

The Rookie of the Year is awarded to individuals in their first year of activity at the District level (as an Area Governor, committee chairperson, etc) has demonstrated contagious enthusiasm and energy.

This was Pat Lynch’s first year as a district officer. The “climbing out of the pit” graphic that she shared was a great illustration of her personal growth and the power of the Toastmasters program. Whether it was attending district functions or attending club meetings in her district, Pat logged a lot of miles!” – from a fellow Toastmaster

Pat was able to guide the division with the largest geographical area to President’s Distinguished.” – from a fellow Toastmaster

“Achieved President’s Distinguished Division while acting as Governor for two open Areas in her Division.” – from a fellow Toastmaster

CONGRATULATIONS, Pat, on being selected as the Rookie of the Year!

Toastmaster of the Year – Cathey Armillas

The Outstanding Toastmaster of the Year is awarded to individuals that have served the best interests of the members of District 7 above and beyond the requirements of their position in District 7. They have been a leader, an inspiration to others in Toastmasters, and accomplishments outside Toastmasters.

Cathey had success as a President’s Distinguished Division plus she was the only Division Governor that whose Area Governor’s achieved Select Distinguished or higher.” – from a fellow Toastmaster leader

Motivated her Area Governors to stretch their comfort zones and achieve personal growth. Held well-organized and entertaining speech contests. Cathey is an advocate for engaging next generation Toastmasters through the Youth Leadership Program and her group of “Future Stars.” – from a fellow Toastmaster

CONGRATULATIONS, Cathey, on being selected as Toastmaster of the Year!

Herb C. Stude Educational Service Award – Rose Wellman

The Herb C. Stude Educational Service Award is named after Past District Governor Herbert C. Stude, DTM. This award recognizes individuals who have delivered the most educational service to District 7 members, whether through educational modules or educational sessions at District meetings and conferences. They continuously give to others and motivate other to learn.

In addition to developing our D7 website, Rose had the monumental task of teaching all of us to use it. She conducted numerous training sessions on that topic at various District meetings and conferences. She is also passionate about effective evaluations, and conducted sessions at D7 functions as well as at individual club meetings.” – from a fellow Toastmaster

As a new Toastmaster last year she took on the daunting task of taking over as webmaster. Not only did she take it over but she took it to a new level …. and did it all on her own. As a person who serves as webmaster on a professional level, I don’t think I could have done what she did last year. She also has stepped up and done numerous other things for our district. I think she’s an awesome example of a “rookie!” – from a fellow Toastmaster

CONGRATULATIONS, Rose, on being selected for the Herb C. Stude Educational Service Award!

Lou Webb Award – Allan Edinger

The Lou Webb Award is named after the District 7 telephone Coordinator. This award is for long-time service to the District. Individuals are experienced advisor for District Officers, not for the glory but simply out of dedication to serving the District.

Allan knows what it takes for the District to be successful and contributes to that success in several ways. He is relentless in following up with Clubs to pay their dues, he was instrumental in rescuing several Club charters, and he is one of our strongest advocates for Prison Clubs. “– from a fellow Toastmaster

“No one works harder than past district governors to help the district be successful.” – from a fellow Toastmaster

CONGRATULATIONS, Allan, on being selected for the Lou Webb Award!


More Than What You Bargained For…

deal-for-youWhen we first joined Toastmasters we wanted to become better speakers. We hoped to become better leaders. And we knew that if all went well we could expect to become better listeners. What we didn’t know was how much we could learn simply from hearing other people’s speeches.

Since becoming a Toastmaster I’ve heard hundreds, possibly thousands of speeches. I’ve personally learned about geocaching, the cool art of high tech treasure hunting. I’ve learned about Tae Kwon Do and what it takes to become a black belt. I’ve even learned how to make brownies over a campfire while camping.

There is so much to learn from other people. I decided to see what some of you have learned from speeches you have heard. I randomly picked 2 people from each of District 7’s 36 areas, and emailed them asking what the last speech they heard was and what they learned from it.

Here are some of the responses:
The last speech I heard in Toastmasters was from one of our oldest members, Ray Stout, where he reminisced about his trekking adventures through the forest of Oregon and description of images in brilliant graphic details, which remained etched in his mind even after 40 odd years.

The main aspect of his speech was the way he described scenes which helped us to picture the same with no effort at all. Additionally, it’s always a learning experience listening to people from various cultures, backgrounds and ethnicity.

Anoop John
Oregonian Toastmasters
My comment is not about a PARTICULAR speech, but I always tell new and potential members, that “our Toastmasters club is a GREAT way to begin a Wednesday morning– I PROMISE you’ll laugh, and learn something EVERY single week…..

Gloria Feider Polzin
Estacada Rivermasters Club
We recently heard a speech in our club regarding NLP or neuro-linguistic programming. It was an interesting approach to calming your thought before any activity that is stressful. It can be employed in a large variety of situations including Toastmasters speeches. NLP, consciously or unconsciously, relies heavily upon (1) the notion of the unconscious mind as constantly influencing conscious thought and action; (2) metaphorical behavior and speech, especially building upon the methods used in Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams; and (3) hypnotherapy as developed by Milton Erickson.

Ted Stonecliffe
Clarke County Toastmasters
Last speech I had heard was mine. It was an impromptu speech called “My Day at the Beach”. What I had learned from the speech is the immediate feedback from the audience. I find out what works…is my message getting thru to people do I see nods of acknowledgement, laughter from a funny. Staying focused on a speech about the beach so I have people’s attention. Not to have the audience attentions wander.

Charles Grosvenor
Talk-In-Tel Toastmasters
I did the last speech in our Toastmasters club, My point was to let my people know where I was before I came here and all about the many coats one wears in life and how life is always changing.

Vida Seitz
Banfield Barkers

With so many things to learn in this world, I feel privileged to be among Toastmasters friends, learning about their lives and their experiences. If I’m lucky I might learn how to change a tire, how to become a millionaire in 3 easy steps, or how to add more than 24 hours to a day. For now, I’m thankful for another opportunity that Toastmasters has offered me…to get more than what I bargained for.


Becoming a Distinguished Toastmaster. It’s easier than you think!

Becoming a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) is easier then you think. It may seem overwhelming if you think about everything you have to do on both the communication and leadership tracks to achieve Toastmasters highest honor of Distinguished Toastmaster.

But like most anything, if you set a goal and put a little planning behind it, you can accomplish it without too much complication. I created a DTM planning spreadsheet so you can easily track your progress. It really helped me to see it laid out like this. I was able to plan for each of my awards. I hope it will help you too.

It’s such a rewarding feeling to plan out something as significant as this and then to achieve it.

DTM. It’s easily within your reach. Plan it out and become a DTM. You’ll be glad you did!


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