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Do Your Homework – Effective Marketing Tip #2

Dear Decision Maker – Your employees really need Toastmasters so I want to start a club in your organization!

When seeking  to start a corporate club, what is foremost in your mind – Creating clubs for the sake of increasing membership and getting an “atta boy” from District leaders?  Or is it about increasing the organization’s marketability through training their employees to be effective communicators and leaders?

If you answered “yes” to the first question, know that influencing the decision makers is going to be very difficult!

Before you approach an organization, do your homework (and answer the “right” question!).  Determine how Toastmasters can help them market their products or services and communicate with their customers more effectively.  Give them real life examples about how Toastmasters has increased market share for organizations whose employees are part of Toastmasters.

Starting a new club takes work.  However, the benefits the organization and the future club members gain far outweigh the effort you expend doing your homework.

Effective Marketing Tip #2 - Do Your Homework



Welcome to District 7: Ilwaco Toastmasters!

2/3 of the D7 STAFF were at the Ilwaco Toastmasters Club to help celebrate the chartering of the club. Cathey and Rose came up the night before with their awesome crew and stayed in Long Beach, WA .

The brand new Ilwaco Toastmasters is a fabulous group! They alternate meeting at noon and then in the evening. It’s a nice set-up for the members of the club. Area Governor and Sponsor of the Club, Jenna Austin Nisbett has done a tremendous job organizing the club. Here is a list of the Club Officers:

President: Shelly Pollock
VP Education: Jenna Austin Nisbett
Secretary: Candace Carteen
Treasurer: Mark Scarborough
VP Public Relations: Karl Johnson
VP Membership: Kelly Jacobsen
Sgt. at Arms: Mike Karvia

While still in town, the D7 STAFF got the chance to get around the town. We had a blast playing in the local arcade. We drove on the beach (yes, it’s legal there!) and we got a chance to go to the lighthouse and see the beautiful scenery of the ocean from above. And the weather was incredibly nice. It was a little misty but not cold at all. 

If you’ve never been to Long Beach, WA, the worlds longest beach, make plans to go visit and while your there, visit the brand new Ilwaco Toastmasters Club!

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