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Meeting every day for a week: Day 2

Day 2: Sunday, July 8th

Babble-On Toastmasters Club
Club #: 608093, Dist #: 07, Est: 3/31/2004
Presbyterian Church of Laurelhurst
935 NE 33rd Avenue, Portland, OR, 97232
Meeting Time: 4:00 pm, Sunday
Club Status: Open to all

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”
― Confucius

Today’s experience can be summed up with “perseverance.” The Babble-On club had two visitors today, both of which are Toastmasters. What’s the big deal in that you ask? They both moved here from out of state. One from Alaska and one from California.

Needless to say, when moving across the state line (or jumping over a country and a few states) one has many oars in the water and it can be a stressful time. But when the waters calm and a person re-engages with Toastmasters, that shows perseverance.

It easy to give up. Make excuse. Oh, I’m too busy to join a club again. I have boxes still to unpack. Not these two ladies my friend. They value themselves too much. They know the value of investing in themselves. They have perseverance. And Babble-On has two new members. Rock on Babble-On. That’s four new members so far this month! DCP goal #7 checked off.

For those of you who meet re-engaging Toastmasters, just look up their email address and last name online. TI will automatically retrieve their membership number. Learn that too today thanks to PJ!

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Meeting every day for a week: Day 1

As the new Toastmasters year started, I thought I would challenge myself with mini, reachable goals throughout the year. Goals are good. Reachable goals are better. Mini goals are the best. They give one instant feelings of accomplishment. Notice, I didn’t say “easy” goals.

My first challenge is the “Meeting every day for a week.” You may think this is easy, but remember, my job is 50-70% travel! So cut me some slack!

Below are the clubs meetings I attended and a thing or two about my experience that day. I encourage you to attend many meetings and share your experience.

Day 1: Saturday July 7th

New Horizons Toastmasters Club
Club #: 1360, Dist #: 07, Est: 10/1/1953
Bridge City Cafe Bridgeport Village
7211 SW Bridgeport Road, Tualatin, OR, 97062
Meeting Time: 8:00 am, Saturday
Club Status: Open to all

The one word that best describes today experience is “bondness.” I’m not talking about James Bond groupies. But rather a group of people that are connected to each other through a shared experience or familiarity.

As the meeting was ending, a nice gentleman came up to me and asked if the meeting was over. I said yes, but we meet every Saturday and he was welcomed to return next week. He said in a disappointing tone, that he was from Reno, NV and was on his way to the airport. He wished he had known about the meeting just a little sooner.

Of course my next question was if he was familiar with Toastmasters. The disappointing look instantly became a huge grin as he told he belonged to a club in Reno called Sierra Sunrise. At that moment, a “bondness” was experienced. It reminded me of the days when I would travel in uniform (US Navy) and how so many people who served in the military would come up to me. Or the instant “bondness” I would feel whenever encountering another active duty person in uniform.

Not to get all philosophical or even mushy here, but that’s one of the many aspects of Toastmasters I enjoy.  How the connections among total strangers cease to exist because of a shared association. No matter where you are or who you are if there is fellow TM’er nearby, you have an instant friend.

I don’t get to Reno much in work travels. However, the next time the opportunity arise, I plan on doing everything I can to schedule a work meeting on a Thursday so I can stop by the Gold N Silver Inn at 7am to attend the Sierra Sunrise Toastmasters meeting and to say hello to my new friend.

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It’s not about YOU! Effective Marketing Tip #1

The last time someone approached you with an unsolicited sales pitch, what was your reaction?  If it was anything like mine, you responded with a cool,very polite “no thank you!”

Always take the time and effort to understand what your customer wants, needs, desires. Then tailor your presentation accordingly.  When you  take “YOU” out of the equation, concentrating fully on finding a way to help your customer, you become a facilitator.  Facilitators are collaborators, partners – trusted members of the team.

In marketing your Toastmasters club to a prospective member, remember it’s not about you. It’s all about helping  your customer. Engage in meaningful dialogue, using your listening skills, to understand what attracted them to your club.  Use the knowledge gained to illustrate, with personal stories, how Toastmasters can help them achieve their goals.

Effective Marketing Tip #1 – Be a Facilitator!



The 2008-2009 District 7 Awards!

By Ann Snelling, DTM, IPDG

The September District 7 Network Event honored those people who gave distinguished service to our district in the past year. Thanks to these who gave of themselves unselfishly to assist others in their success. Congratulations for being recognized by your colleagues as a servant leader. A recap follows with the category and description of the award plus comments made by their peers about their service rendered.

Outstanding Area Governor of the Year – Shelley Dalmau

The Outstanding Area Governor is awarded to individuals that have had a positive, motivating force in their Area and the District. They have had successful Area contests and quantifiable results in the Area in membership, educational accomplishments, dues paid, and Area visits to clubs.

“Last year, I’d bumped into Shelley on the MAX in early hours of the morning. At 7:15 am, she was absolutely enthusiastic about her role as Area Governor. She lost no time in expounding on the speaking skills she was honing through boundless opportunities which included participating in a Speechcraft as well as helping to start a new club within her area. She has volunteered her time in helping John Waters start a club out in Molalla as well. She also was quick to lend a helping hand to other Divisions and Areas, and I especially appreciated her assistance and expertise during the contest seasons. She is also open to learning – I remember her taking “copious notes” during our Division-sponsored district meeting. Anyone who can inspire a room full of people to belly dance to “Put Your Whole Self In” has leadership qualities beyond belief. She exudes warmth to everyone she meets – a true Toastmaster. “ – from a fellow Area Governor

CONGRATULATIONS, Shelley, on being selected Outstand Area Governor of the Year!

Outstanding Division Governor of the Year – Donna Stark

The Outstanding Division Governor is awarded to individuals that have worked well with the Area Governors within their Division and with District Officers. They have been a positive, motivational force in the District in addition within their Area.

“Donna was part of the team that helped bring in the new clubs Symantec and Coast Toasties. She is a hard working champion of Central Division and District 7. She was one of the Division Governors to have a President’s Distinguished Division. She is always willing to go the extra mile for not only, her division, but for the whole district. I can think of no finer example of the working leader. “ – from a fellow Toastmaster

As our Division Governor, Donna worked tirelessly with the area governors and district officers helping us to “Put our Whole Selves In”. She helped us grow to become better members and clubs. She actively supported and participated in the area, division and district contests. She was present to offer her encouragement and support at club meetings and on charter night. Her easy-going leadership style was effective in getting the most out of the areas and clubs within her division. Donna is truly deserving to be our Outstanding Division Governor.” – from an Area Governor

CONGRATULATIONS, Donna, on being selected Outstanding Division Governor of the Year!

Rookie of the Year – Pat Lynch

The Rookie of the Year is awarded to individuals in their first year of activity at the District level (as an Area Governor, committee chairperson, etc) has demonstrated contagious enthusiasm and energy.

This was Pat Lynch’s first year as a district officer. The “climbing out of the pit” graphic that she shared was a great illustration of her personal growth and the power of the Toastmasters program. Whether it was attending district functions or attending club meetings in her district, Pat logged a lot of miles!” – from a fellow Toastmaster

Pat was able to guide the division with the largest geographical area to President’s Distinguished.” – from a fellow Toastmaster

“Achieved President’s Distinguished Division while acting as Governor for two open Areas in her Division.” – from a fellow Toastmaster

CONGRATULATIONS, Pat, on being selected as the Rookie of the Year!

Toastmaster of the Year – Cathey Armillas

The Outstanding Toastmaster of the Year is awarded to individuals that have served the best interests of the members of District 7 above and beyond the requirements of their position in District 7. They have been a leader, an inspiration to others in Toastmasters, and accomplishments outside Toastmasters.

Cathey had success as a President’s Distinguished Division plus she was the only Division Governor that whose Area Governor’s achieved Select Distinguished or higher.” – from a fellow Toastmaster leader

Motivated her Area Governors to stretch their comfort zones and achieve personal growth. Held well-organized and entertaining speech contests. Cathey is an advocate for engaging next generation Toastmasters through the Youth Leadership Program and her group of “Future Stars.” – from a fellow Toastmaster

CONGRATULATIONS, Cathey, on being selected as Toastmaster of the Year!

Herb C. Stude Educational Service Award – Rose Wellman

The Herb C. Stude Educational Service Award is named after Past District Governor Herbert C. Stude, DTM. This award recognizes individuals who have delivered the most educational service to District 7 members, whether through educational modules or educational sessions at District meetings and conferences. They continuously give to others and motivate other to learn.

In addition to developing our D7 website, Rose had the monumental task of teaching all of us to use it. She conducted numerous training sessions on that topic at various District meetings and conferences. She is also passionate about effective evaluations, and conducted sessions at D7 functions as well as at individual club meetings.” – from a fellow Toastmaster

As a new Toastmaster last year she took on the daunting task of taking over as webmaster. Not only did she take it over but she took it to a new level …. and did it all on her own. As a person who serves as webmaster on a professional level, I don’t think I could have done what she did last year. She also has stepped up and done numerous other things for our district. I think she’s an awesome example of a “rookie!” – from a fellow Toastmaster

CONGRATULATIONS, Rose, on being selected for the Herb C. Stude Educational Service Award!

Lou Webb Award – Allan Edinger

The Lou Webb Award is named after the District 7 telephone Coordinator. This award is for long-time service to the District. Individuals are experienced advisor for District Officers, not for the glory but simply out of dedication to serving the District.

Allan knows what it takes for the District to be successful and contributes to that success in several ways. He is relentless in following up with Clubs to pay their dues, he was instrumental in rescuing several Club charters, and he is one of our strongest advocates for Prison Clubs. “– from a fellow Toastmaster

“No one works harder than past district governors to help the district be successful.” – from a fellow Toastmaster

CONGRATULATIONS, Allan, on being selected for the Lou Webb Award!


Everyone Needs a Mentor!

Yes, you read that right…everyone needs a mentor! Someone you look up, someone you admire, and when it boils right down to it, someone who can help you along your path of self-improvement. 

Mentors are not just for the “newbie” Toastmaster. Consider that many advanced Toastmasters have mentors or coaches to help them achieve their goals. In fact, most would say their successes wouldn’t be possible without a good mentor. 

If you would like a mentor, you are in luck! Toastmasters is FULL of people who love to help and mentor others. 

To find the right Mentor for you, consider: 

1. What you need to know and who can learn it from? Who, in my club, area, division or district, has the experience I seek? 

2. Which Toastmaster’s style do I admire or wish to emulate? 

3. Who is in a position that I aspire to reach someday within my club, district or profession? 

4. Who do I feel a connected with? Who do I respect? Who is supportive?

 The answer to these questions is likely your mentor. Don’t be afraid to ask them to be your mentor. Regardless of your level and/or experience in Toastmasters, let them know you would like their help. More than likely, they will be flattered and eager to mentor you.

Once you’ve found a mentor, come up with a plan together on how they can help you. Sit down with them, let them know where you’re at and where you want to be. Set some goals. Use this helpful goal setting worksheet to help you plan them out. The path to your longest journeys in life starts with the first step. 

Remember, at any point in your life or your walk in Toastmasters, a Mentor can help. Sometimes you’ve achieved quite a bit but you need someone else to push you to that next level. 

If nothing else, it can never hurt to have another fan on your sidelines, cheering you on!

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