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Communicate Oregon – Friday night, May 4th

Register today ($25) for Friday night, May 4th at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear World Champion of Public Speaking, Dana LaMon’s special presentation and hear the Tall Tales Exhibition – stories that will leave you pondering how can anyone exaggerate so effectively and sound so convincing at the same time?

Tall Tales – Storytellers needed for Friday night, May 4th

Do you like to exaggerate about characters? Are you a master of telling Tall Tales about people, either fictional or based on a real person who have exaggerated adventures  and perform exaggerated feats of daring strength, courage and/or intelligence?

If you would like to participate in our Tall Tales Exhibition, please email conference@d7toastmasters.com today for all the details and help make our Friday night event at the Crowne Plaza Hotel memorable.

Save a few dollars and gain so much more by clearing your calendar for the weekend (Friday night, May 4th and Saturday, May 5th) and taking the time to participate in the two-day Communicate Oregon conference.


Will you be able to communicate in this 21st Century?

Register now for Communicate Oregon!  District 7’s spring (May 5th) conference featuring Dana LaMon, World Champion of Public Speaking, will sell out – only 350 seats available.  Save a few dollars and gain so much more when you register for both Friday night and Saturday  (May 4th and 5th).

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