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Review of the Toastmasters International Board Meeting

Meeting Recap

1) Executive Committee
-District reformations
-New online district online accounting system
-2011 International Convention

2) Committee 1 – Regional Advisor Selection
-There are 14 regional advisor positions open worldwide. 44 applications for RA were received. The 14 have been selected and approved. They will be online soon.
-The committee recommended improvements for the process.

3) Committee 2 – Digital Content Transition
-Modernize policies and procedures
-Remove duplicate content
-Simplify writing style
-The new digital format will be rolling out on April 1, 2011

4) Strategic Planning Committee
Strategic direction of the organization

5) Advisory Committee of Past International Presidents
-Global representation
-Strategic plan
-Operational function of world headquarters

6) International Leadership Committee
-Approve and nominate future leaders of Toastmasters International
-Interview process for executive committee positions (looking for: integrity, communication/leadership, strategic and financial experience, and achievements outside of Toastmasters)
-The candidates for the executive committee have been selected:
President Elect: John Lau
1st Vice President: George Yen
2nd Vice President: James Catchucy (sp?) and Mohammed Murad


12 Days of Toastmasters: A Holiday Song!

Happy Holidays from your D7 Toastmasters STAFF: Cathey, Deveny and Rose!

12 Days of Toastmasters!

On the twelfth day of Christmas, Toastmasters gave to me. . .
Twelve Days of Fun

On the eleventh day of Christmas, Toastmasters gave to me. . .
Eleven Awesome Friends

On the tenth day of Christmas, Toastmasters gave to me. . .
Ten Finished Speeches

On the ninth day of Christmas, Toastmasters gave to me. . .
Nine New Members

On the eigth day of Christmas, Toastmasters gave to me. . .
Eight Clapping Fans

On the seventh day of Christmas, Toastmasters gave to me. . .
Seven Smiling Speakers

On the sixth day of Christmas, Toastmasters gave to me. . .
Six Ah’s and Um’s

On the fifth day of Christmas, Toastmasters gave to me. . .
A Five Minute Speech

On the fourth day of Christmas, Toastmasters gave to me. . .
Four Evaluators

On the third day of Christmas, Toastmasters gave to me…
Three Timing Lights

On the second day of Christmas, Toastmasters gave to me…
Two Table Topics

On the first day of Christmas, Toastmasters gave to me…
A Wonderful Icebreaker Speech!


Are Our Brains Getting Reprogrammed?

Are our brains getting reprogrammed? Are we losing our ability to think? And are we losing our ability to talk and communicate directly? These are questions that surfaced in the three-day “Talknology” articles of The Daily Couier Newspaper in Grants Pass on using digital texting and other virtual portable devices. While there is value in using the new portable devices, there are also many cautions that we seem to overlook: verbal and written communications the first among them.

Toastmasters International is an organization that has had great success addressing these issues and to improve the verbal development of communications. The Toastmaster speaking processes clearly assist in communicating in all of its aspects. There are two Toastmaster clubs in Josephine County and we are looking to form another one.

I have seen vast improvements in members who want to improve their speaking abilities. We even have colleges sending their Speech 101 students to visit Toastmasters. Today, many firms use Toastmasters to address the deficiencies of speaking and communicating in the business world. Many companies make Toastmasters membership a part of their management training programs because as your article points out, kids today do not get the opportunity to really interact in the art of verbal communications. Business today needs employees who can communicate in all customer facing experiences.

Yes, use of the new portable devices are growing but we cannot forget that at the end of the day its people to people directly communicating that is of the greatest value.

Written by Larry West, Southern Division Governor  
Toastmasters International – District 7


Wanna be on TV? Come to TV Toastmasters!

Are you interested in taking your Toastmasters skills to the next level? Do you want to be part of a TV production and learn how it all comes together? How about coming to TV Toastmasters where you can give speeches, evaluations and table topics on TV! TV Toastmasters is an advanced club that meets monthly every 4th Saturday. The meetings are ran like a typical Toastmasters club with the exception that the meetings are taped live to broadcast on local TV station, TVCTV.

I visited TV Toastmasters for the first time last year and I had a blast! I hosted with Erick Rainey, our World Champion of Public Speaking finalist. We had so much fun and learned so much. We were writing notes to each other in between our stage appearances because we thought our mics were live. Turns out they turn them off, but we didn’t know and we wanted to make sure that our “whispers” didn’t make it on the TV show!

My Toastmasters skills were put to the ultimate test while being in front of the camera, and I’m so thankful for it. We have fun every show we produce. We do a complete run through before we tape so everyone knows when and where they have to enter the stage, which cameras to look at, and how to make sure your audio is working correctly. It’s more than just a Toastmasters meeting, it’s an experience.

In the last few meetings I’ve had the opportunity to co-host with Bill Hernandez, an awesome Toastmaster from West Beaverton Toastmasters. It’s been fun to work the stage, and handle different speaking situations, including live interviewing and a few impromptu situations.

Come check out TV Toastmasters. You’ll be glad you did. Even if you just want to come and be part of the audience the first time around.

To find out more about the club, including directions, please visit TV Toastmasters at:

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