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Moments Of Truth at the Networking Event

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At this weekends Networking event, members joined together to complete a moments of truth exercise.  The event consisted of the standard overview with a few extra instructions for handling the fact that members were from varied clubs.  Read the rest of this entry »


First Impressions and Membership Orientation

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The first two Moments of Truth are First Impressions and then Membership Orientation.  Here are select comments and notes from their discussions:

First Impressions

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Fellowship, Variety, and Communication & Program Planning and Meeting Organization

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The third Moments of Truth is Fellowship, Variety, and Communication.   It centers all around ensuring the members are truly part of the group and not just people who show up for meetings and leave.  The fourth moment is Program Planning and Meeting Organization, ensuring that each meeting is valuable for our members and the guests who show up.

Fellowship, Variety, and Communication

Regularly scheduled social events is the third item in this category.  The suggestions for events here went from the normal: open house,   Coffee or lunch after meeting, to very special events like Christmas gatherings with white elephant exchanges.  One member even mentioned hosting themed meetings to coincide with Holidays like Halloween where guests get to dress in costumes.

The idea that got the most discussion going afterwards came from this group.  Under the category of inter-club events, in addition to speechathons, celebrations, open houses, debates, rescue missions to a struggling club, came the words Banner Raid. I’ll leave that one as you should have been there and don’t forget the D7 On the Road Contest!

Program Planning and Meeting Organization

This group focused on the specifics of in meeting activities.  There was great news out of this group, all members said the speeches at meetings were manual speeches and the roles were published well in advance.  Their club meetings are also starting and ending on time.  Those are very important when guests show up that what they see matches what they have read on line.

The members felt that there was room for making table topics more creative.  Post your best ideas in the comments section for how to make table topics more creative!

They also included a great reminder that a great time to learn to be a better evaluator is when a great evaluator is leading an evaluation.  Watching and listening to what they do and the feedback that they provide can give you great ideas for your next evaluation.


Membership Strength & Achievement Recognition

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The final two moments of truth are Membership Strength and Achievement Recognition.

Membership Strength

One of the points that I heard being discussed afterwards came from this groups items.  The specific item was toastmasters sponsoring new members recognized.  Does your club recognize the person who sponsored a new member? This is found on the new member form and is used to represent the person who brings the guest to the meeting or who encouraged them to join.  On the reports2.toastmasters.org website, you can view the D7 member sponsor report.

Achievement Recognition

Does your club use the Toastmaster progress charts?  They are a great way to show members progress and provide additional positive encouragement as members get to check off project completions.

Toastmasters wants to make sure that when someone achieves an awards, that they are formally recognized.   Very few clubs said they took photos of members being presented with their achievement.  In addition to being a great way to highlight the accomplishment, photos of members getting awards may be the way to more members for your club.  Find out more on February 20th in the Marketing your club on Facebook Webinar.

Under the heading of Distinguished Club Program is used for planning and recognition, I asked the group how to approach a member and ask for a commitment of one of the Distinguished Club Program  objectives.  The responded to start with rediscussing why the member is in Toastmasters and then to tailor the DCP need to meet that members why goals.  They also suggested talking to the member at the end of each month to ensure that any adjustments were made to keep the member on track or allow for an alternate plan to be implemented if needed.

Wrap up

If you weren’t previously familiar with the Moments of Truth exercise, hopefully these comments have inspired you to conduct one in your club.  A tremendous amount of information was brought forward on Saturday from all groups.  As you plan and execute the program in your club, please remember that the purpose is to allow clubs to find ways that they can serve their members better.  Keep everyone focused on the positives of the improvements and not on who did or didn’t do something.  We are all here to grow and this is a great way to help everyone in your club grow.

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