DCP Reports

Distinguished Club Program Reports

Latest DCP Report as a  Web page 
Historical Reports (before July 1 2012)

Starting in 2012-2013, Toastmasters has two ways to get the DCP data. They still provide the familiar webpage tables, called the “Classic” reports, although with a new web address (below).   They also offer a “dashboard” that provides some new ways to zoom in on a division, an area, or a club.  To use the new Dashboard application, you will need to load some software onto your computer.  The page showing the addresses for both Classic and Dashboard reports is here:


Or, to go directly to the District 7 reports, bookmark this link:


To see the reports for 2011-2012 and earlier, you will also need to go to a new link:


Some members have reported that they can’t install the dashboard software due to restrictions on their computers at work, or to some incompatibility or problem with home computers, mobile devices, etc.  If you have trouble with the installation, there is a good FAQ on that page too.  You can also use an HTML-only dashboard application that does not require a download, also described on the above page, or access it here:


Other Alternatives For Getting DCP Data

Some people have also reported difficulty using the HTML-only version, perhaps because it requires a newer browser or that version of HTML isn’t yet supported on their mobile device.   If that is the case for you, use the Classic reports mentioned above.

 Past DCP Reports

Reports from June 30, 2012 and before, as far as online records are kept, are still available in their original format at this address:


Special thanks to George Marshall for the information on this page.