At this weekends Networking event, members joined together to complete a moments of truth exercise.  The event consisted of the standard overview with a few extra instructions for handling the fact that members were from varied clubs.  The goal of the exercise was to showcase a moments of truth and encourage dialog between clubs on how they are succeeding in the areas.  Walking around the discussion groups, I heard lots of great ideas being discussed and shared among clubs.

For those not familiar with the Moments of Truth exercise, you can read about it on the TI website and download the needed slides, handouts, and instruction packets. Here is the short overview from the site:

A Moment of Truth is an episode when a prospective member comes in contact with any aspect of the Toastmasters experience and forms an impression of the organization’s quality and service.

They recommend that each club conduct the moments of truth at least once each year.  This is a program that is designed to benefit the clubs.  The member presenting also gets credit for a successful club series presentation.

I’m going to top it off by offering one more incentive for clubs who conduct the moments of truth program.  Any club that conducts the moments of truth between now and March 31st, 2013 will be entered into a drawing for 1 free ticket to Communicate Oregon.  If more that 50 clubs complete the moments of truth by the deadline, I’ll give away two tickets.

Once you complete the Moments of Truth at your club, email me the results.  As with all District 7 officers, use my current position LGET  and then append the  Need more help, connect with me on Facebook or Linkedin.

Keep reading for the details that were discussed at the networking event!