Marketing FAQ


How to redeem D7 Rewards?
We just made it easier for you to redeem. You can now place orders directly with the District Store. Go to the D7 Shop list.  Add items to your cart and check out using your reward points and cash (Paypal!).  This of course will require you to know ahead of time what items you wish to place an order on. Check the D7 Shop for a complete list of items that can be ordered.  If there is something missing and you’d like it added.  Contact our D7 Store Manager.

How to redeem awards that are not D7 dollars?

If the award requires a choice, such as, banner or banner stand, the Lt Governor Marketing will contact the Club President before placing the order. You may want to be proactive and send the LGM an email at  just to be on the safe side. The award will be shipped to the Club President on file with Toastmasters International. So please be sure all information on file with TI is kept up to date.

What if I can’t attend a District Event?
Any member of the club can pick up the D7 dollar on behalf of the club. You can also contact your Area Governor &/or Division Governor and ask them to pick up your D7 dollar. Ask your neighbor to pick up for you and get credit for the “Bring a Guest” program!

What if I’m in a Club far far away?
We recognize that our District is mighty big and that not everyone can make it to the District events. So contact the Lt Governor Marketing for special arrangements.

Why can’t you just mail me my awards?
Have ya seen the price of stamps lately!?!?!?

Ok. So where’s the fine print?

As always there is the “fine print” and Toastmasters has strict rules due to our non-profit status. So here’s the fine print which really isn’t all that bad:

D7 Rewrads are redeemable only for Toastmasters items from the D7 Shop online store. Change nor credit will be allowed for purchases less than the coupon amount. Credit card and checks are allowed for purchases over the coupon amount.