At the D7 Membership Forum on January 12th, members brought out all their best ideas to bring in members to the club.  We will be posting those ideas here on the blog over the next few weeks to share them with all of our D7 members.   There were two categories of ideas: Already Successful, and Brand New ways to bring in Members.

Already Successful Ideas

Contest seasons is almost here and BJ of Control Freaks suggested that clubs using their contest as an open house night.  This seems like a great idea to offer guests who are concerned about standing up.  It’s also a night to showcase what you can accomplish with a dedication and focus on communication better.   Use the save the date or the open house flyer from the TI website.

Jill D from Flying Toastmasters in Salem suggested clubs have a sign outside to bring in additional members.  You can find one example in the Toastmasters Store.    If your club has a window that people walk by, you could even print off a copy of the promotional flyer and place it in the window during meetings.

While we wouldn’t want anyone to litter, leaving bookmarks in public places for other people to use has brought in new members to the Tualatin Valley Toastmasters club says member Katie.  She’s not alone.  Larry West of Rogue Valley Networking Toastmasters has also suggested leaving the Toastmasters Magazines in waiting rooms at doctors, dentists, and any other office where the public passes through and has access to a stack of random reading material.  Avery labels can cover up your address and provide information on the local club that you are a member of.

The last tested idea in this post is a combination from Silicon Forest, Suite Talkers, Columbia Coastal Toastmasters, and We Toasted.  Members from each club had suggestions that revolved around company and alumni newsletters and events.  Anywhere there is a newsletter, there is probably an editor who would love content to put in it.  At any event that you are going to, wear your toastmaster name badge or pins as a way to start discussion.

Brand New Ideas

We challenged members to come up with new ideas that they haven’t tried before but thought could bring in new members to their club.  Our members didn’t disappoint.  Here are some of the ideas that could be tried for bringing in new members.

Andrew from Noon Talkers suggested that we not just tell people to visit the TI website to find a club but that we get a computer and show them the local clubs.  What a great way to encourage someone to attend a meeting and ensure that they don’t have any technical difficulties or trouble finding the right place on the website.

Kyle from Wallmaters bring a great idea of hosting area events.  All members in an area publicizing an event is sure to get the word out further.  With all clubs at the event, guests can meet members of each club and learn about the club culture to determine which club is right for them.

Rhonda from Columbian Toastmasters suggest reaching out to the local chamber of commerce and and offering to serve as MCs for their events.  The chamber can be a great place for business networking.  University Toastmasters in Ashland and Jefferson State Toastmasters were both able to join the respective chambers in their cities as Toastmasters of Jackson County so that members could attend events at either chamber and represent Toastmasters.