About Our District 7 Team

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Division A – Southern

Richard Emmons ACG, ALB - Area 21 Director

Grants Pass Toastmasters Club 852
Rogue Communicators Club
Rogue Valley Networking Toastmasters

Dann Houghton ACS ALB - Area 24 Director

Asante Toastmasters
Jefferson State Toastmasters
Southern Oregon Speechmasters
University Toastmasters Club
VA SORCC Toastmasters

Lisa Hendricks VC1, ALB - Area 22 Director

Coastal Toastmasters
Feather Tongues Toastmasters Club
Myrtlewood Hootowlers Club
Roseburg Club
Wonderful Oregon Wordmasters (WOW)

Division B – Central

Tim Lewis ACG ALB - Area 31 Director

Gateway Toastmasters
Siuslaw Tale Spinners Club
University of Oregon Club

Bob Hazleton ACS ALB - Area 33 Director

Corvallis Evening Group
MIME Speaks
Oregon State Toastmasters
Yaquina Toastmasters

Area 22

Kimberly Burdon CC ALB - Area 32 Director

Lebanon Toastmasters
NuScale Toasters
Toast of Corvallis Toastmasters Club

Justin Harford ACB - Area 35 Director

Cascade Toastmasters Club
Downtown Public Speakers Club
Lunch Bunch Toastmasters Club
Titan Toastmasters Club
Yawn Patrol Club

Division C – Capital

Debbie Burger ACG ALB - Area 41 Director

Flying Toasters Club
High Noon Club
Toasting Excellence Club

Lynda Sloan DTM - Area 43 Director

Beachtown Toastmasters
Dallas Toastmasters
Will-Sher Club

Carlos Hernandez CC, CL - Area 42 Director

Bootstrappers Club
Capital Toastmasters Club
Liberty Toastmasters
Salem Toastmasters Club

Area 44

Tana Franko IP1 - Area 44 Director

A-Dec Toastmasters
McMinnville Toastmasters
Newberg Toastmasters Club
Sherwood Town Criers Club

Division D – Columbia

Andrea Dorzab CC, ALB - Area 51 Director

Gorge Windbags
Hood River Club
Stevenson Club
The Dalles Toastmasters Club

Bryan Cargill TC1 - Area 53 Director

Babble-On Toastmasters Club
Chanticleers Toastmasters Club
Tabor Toastmasters Club
Tell Me a Story

Area 22

David Freedman ACS - Area 55 Director

Blue Ox Club
Civil Tongues Club
Jantzen Club
Toast of the Region Club

Area 52

Marty Vincent ACS ALB - Area 52 Director

Columbia Communicators
Gresham Toastmasters Club
Moser Community Toastmasters
Sandy Club #8848

Area 22

Paul Carson ACB ALB - Area 54 Director

Advisors Toastmasters Club
Portland Club
Rose City Toasters Club
Swan Island Toastmasters

Division E – Willamette

Debi Hammond ACB, CL - Area 61 Director

Clackamas Stepping Stones TM Club
Lake Oswego Toastmasters Club
Milwaukie Talkies
Oregon City Toastmasters

Carolyn Exum ACG, ALB - Area 63 Director

Audacious Orators
I.R. Speaking Toastmasters Club
Marylhurst Toastmasters
Mentors of Focus

Area 65

Michael Daily ACB - Area 65 Director

New Horizons
Toast to US
Toastmasters for Speaking Professionals
WE Toasted Toastmasters

Area 62

Randi Ponce CC ALB - Area 62 Director

Eco Voices Toastmasters
MultCo Toasties
Noon Talkers
Portland Progressives

Svetlana Kralik CC, ALB - Area 64 Director

Clackamas County Toastmasters
Clack-Orators Toastmasters
Make Better Toasts Everyday
Molalla Toastmasters
Wagon Tongues

Division F – Downtown

Area 71 Director

Denise Whitney CC ALB - Area 71 Director

Arlington Toastmasters Club
Electric Toasters Club
Noontime Club
Suite Talkers Toastmasters
Washington Street Club

Area 73 Director

Leanna Lindquist DTM - Area 73 Director

Essayons Club
Professionals of Portland Toastmasters
Sunrise Toastmasters Club #1492
The Standard Speakeasy Toastmasters
Tower Toastmasters

Kamili Talley IP1 - Area 75 Director

At the River’s Edge Club
Speakers by Design
Stagecoach TM

Area 72

Theophan McKenzie CC ALB - Area 72 Director

Fortunate 500 Club
M A C Toastmasters Club
Pearl District Toastmasters Club
WeWork Toastmasters

Area 74

Hillarie Hunt DL4 - Area 74 Director

Columbia Square Squawking Heads
Portlandia Club
The Society of Oratory Aerialists
The Toast of Old Town
The University Club

Area 22

Area 76 Director

Puppetmasters Toast Club

Division G – Northern

Area 81 Director

Marv Serhan DTM - Area 81 Director

Clark County Toastmasters Club
Evergreen Club
Professionally Speaking
Salmon Speakers

Christa Svensson DL1 - Area 83 Director

Articulators Toastmasters
Astoria Toastmasters
Columbian Club
Early Words Club
Encouraging Words Club
Ilwaco Toastmasters

Area 82 Director

Patrick Locke DTM - Area 82 Director

Banfield Barkers
Battle Ground Toastmasters
Politically Speaking
Professionally Speaking
Totem Pole Club
Vancouver Toastmasters Club

Mark Fritzen ACS, CL - Area 84 Director

Leader’s Edge Club
New Beginnings Toastmasters
Speakers With Spirit Club
Wafermasters Club

Division H – Sunset

Michael Midghall ACS, ALB - Area 91 Director

Daylighters Club
Sage Beaverton Toastmasters
Sporty Speakers
TV Toastmasters
Walker Talkers Toastmasters Club
West Beaverton

Area 93 Director

Lorri Andersen DTM - Area 93 Director

Cascade Micro-Toasters
Creekside Toastmasters
Feedbackers Toastmasters Club
Timber Talkers
Wallmasters International Club

Kat Iverson ACS - Area 95 Director

Barnhart Toastmasters
Clean Water Toastmasters
Downtown Lunchbunch Toastmasters
Tualatin Valley Toastmasters Club

Britten Stark EC1 - Area 92 Director

Liberty Talkers
Make the World Toast
Silicon Forest Club

Area 94 Director

Daniel Brewer ACB ALB - Area 94 Director

Nano-Mated Speakers
Speakeasy Toastmasters

Area 96 Director

Phyllis Harmon DTM - Area 96 Director

Cedar Hills Club
Platt Electric Supply
PMI Portland Toastmasters
Storymasters Toastmasters

Division I – High Desert

Radiance Bowden ACB ALB - Area 10 Director

Highnooners Club
Toastmasters of Redmond

Gregory Nye ACG ALB - Area 12 Director

Coos Bay Toastmasters Club
Smooth Talkers Club
Spirit Trackers

Area 22

Nils Westphal VC1 - Area 11 Director

Bend Chamber Toastmasters
Communicators Plus
Oregon Communicators

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