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District 7 Trio

Leanna Lindquist District Director

Leanna Lindquist, DTM - District Director

District 7 has been changing lives for 75 years. Our members have gained self confidence, improved their speaking and presentation skills, enjoyed career advancements and made friends. Geographically District 7 takes in western Oregon, SW Washington and northern California. Our members range from millennials to the greatest generation. Two Past International Presidents and two World Champions Public Speaking hail from District 7.

I am honored to serve as the District 7 Director. We have an outstanding leadership team committed to helping each member be extraordinary. We are 170 clubs strong and growing. Community, corporate, and specialty clubs are located around the District. I encourage you to take advantage of all that Toastmasters has to offer. You will find no better value. There is no limit to what Toastmasters can do for you.

Donna Stark

Donna Stark, DTM - Program Quality Director

I’m a huge fan of the Distinguished Club Program. Members thrive in successful clubs. The DCP is the foundation for club success and it starts with well-trained club officers. My focus this year will be quality training opportunities for club officers and members.

Cathy French

Cathy French, ACG ALB - Club Growth Director

 We are going to have fun this year while growing our clubs together and making them strong. Teamwork and Recognition is key while “Growing Thru Referrals”.

Division A – Southern

Nena Heitz - Division A Director

Nena Heitz, ACS ALB - Division A Director

I am going to strive to assist Division A to become a Distinguished Division!

Larry West, DTM - Area 21 Director

Club Northwest Toastmasters
Grants Pass Toastmasters Club 852
Rogue Communicators Club
Rogue Valley Networking Toastmasters

Scott Fraser, ACB ALB - Area 24 Director

Jefferson State Toastmasters
Southern Oregon Speechmasters
University Toastmasters Club

Area 22

Dick Parsons, DTM - Area 22

Coos Bay Toastmasters Club
Feather Tongues Toastmasters Club
Myrtlewood Hootowlers Club
Roseburg Club
Wonderful Oregon Wordmasters (WOW)

Division B – Central

Nena Heitz - Division A Director

John Rodke, DTM - Division B Director

Salutations from Division B! The District Conference was a pleasure for our Division to host. We are excited to use it as a springboard to have a successful Toastmaster year full of opportunities for impactful growth. Our scenic and widespread Division covers from the Cascades to the Coast, from Lebanon to Eugene. We encourage you to drop in to exchange wisdom and stories with our clubs. We welcome our new Area Directors: Jim Wolak (31), Terry Burke (32), and Lucas Murphy (35). Their leadership, combined with the experience of strong and energetic clubs, will help our Division thrive. Our Division goal is to plan ahead to create the best member experience possible to help our members share their messages that matter.

Teo Wences - Area 31 Director

Gateway Toastmasters
Siuslaw Tale Spinners Club
Symantec Toastmasters
University of Oregon Club
Yaquina Toastmasters

Lucas Murphy, ACS ALB - Area 35 Director

Cascade Toastmasters Club
Downtown Public Speakers Club
Lunch Bunch Toastmasters Club
Titan Toastmasters Club
Yawn Patrol Club

Terry Burke, CC - Area 32

Corvallis Evening Group
Lebanon Toastmasters
MIME Speaks
NuScale Toasters
Oregon State Toastmasters
Toast of Corvallis Toastmasters Club

Division C – Capital

Lyle Schellenberg - Division C Director

Lyle Schellenberg, ACG ALB - Division C Director

I have 4 awesome Area Directors on the Division’s Team, who are already off and running. The energy level is high and our team is moving forward to building relationships with the clubs and their members. Fun + member awards = Distinguished Clubs.

Cate Arnold, ACB CL - Area 41 Director

High Noon Club
Liberty Toastmasters
Toasting Excellence Club

Michel Singleton, ACS ALB - Area 43 Director

Keizer Communicators

Area 22

Lynda Sloan, ACG ALB - Area 42

Bootstrappers Club
Capital Toastmasters Club
Flying Toasters Club
Salem Toastmasters Club

Area 22

Linda Potter, ACB ALB - Area 44

A-Dec Toastmasters
Beachtown Toastmasters
McMinnville Toastmasters
Newberg Toastmasters Club
Sherwood Town Criers Club
Will-Sher Club

Division D – Columbia

David Johnson

David Johnson, ACS ALB - Division D Director

There are many goals and many roads to success. What unites us is our commitment to support each other in our respective journeys to improve our speaking and leadership skills. Working together, we can achieve Distinguished status or better.

Carol Wagar, ACB CL - Area 51 Director

Gorge Windbags
Hood River Club
ScanEagle Toastmasters
Stevenson Club
The Dalles Toastmasters Club

Brinn Hemmingston - Area 53 Director

Babble On
Chanticleers Toastmasters Club
Patriot Talkers

Area 22

Jim Copeland - Area 52

Columbia Communicators
Gresham Toastmasters Club
Moser Community Toastmasters
Sandy Club #8848

Area 22

Dawnette Hale, ACS ALB - Area 54

American Red Cross
Rose City
Swan Island

Division E – Willamette

Emilie Taylor

Emilie Taylor, ACB ALB - Division E Director

My vision is to increase membership retention by keeping current members excited, engaged, and growing. We will increase membership through innovative and creative strategies for recruitment and have fun building lasting friendships while on this journey.

Bill Stein, ACB ALB - Area 61 Director

Blue Ox
Civil Tongues
Toast of the Region

Carmil Ritchey, ACS ALB - Area 63 Director

Audacious Orators
I.R. Speaking
Mentors of Focus
Oregon City

Joel Conarton - Area 65 Director

Lake Oswego
New Horizons
Noontime Nomads
Toastmasters for Speaking Professionals
Toast to US
WE Toasted

Area 62

Mary Canton, CC ALB - Area 62

Eco Voices
MultCo Toasties
Noon Talkers
Portland Progressives

Area 22

Pam Mills, CC CL - Area 64

Clackamas County Toastmasters
Clackamas Stepping Stones
Milwaukie Talkies

Division F – Downtown

Emilie Taylor

Dottie Love, ACB ALB - Division F Director

Members using the C-Suite program that I’ve created are already accelerating their growth and by doing so, strengthen their clubs. I’m looking to continue to build on this momentum. Visit www.CSuiteSucess.com for ideas to help you and your club thrive.

Randy Wright - Area 71 Director

Arlington Club
Electric Toasters
Oregon Toastmasters
Suite Talkers
Washington Street

Beverly Li, ACB ALB - Area 73 Director

Essays On
Flying Toasters
Professionals of Portland
The Standard
Tower Toastmasters

Patrick Locke, DTM - Area 75 Director

AAA Towsters
At the River’s Edge
Speakers by Design

Area 72

Paul Fanning, ACG ALB - Area 72

Fortunate 500
Pearl District
Portland Rotary
Uneek Speaks

Area 22

Cindy Eastman, ACS ALB - Area 74

Portland Pioneers
The Society of Oratory Aerialists
University Club

Area 22

Hai Ninh, CC - Area 76

Competetive Speakers
TM of the Universe
Toast MD

Division G – Northern

Emilie Taylor

Peter DeGraff, ACS CL - Division G Director

There are many goals and many roads to success. What unites us is our commitment to support each other in our respective journeys to improve our speaking and leadership skills. Working together, we can achieve Distinguished status or better.

Frank Hupp, DTM - Area 81 Director

Battle Ground Toastmasters
Clark County Toastmasters Club
Evergreen Club
Salmon Speakers
The Thrill of The Quill

Sarah Voth, ACB ALB - Area 83 Director

Astoria Toastmasters
Columbian Club
Early Words Club
Encouraging Words Club
Ilwaco Toastmasters

Area 22

Norman Wolfe, ACS ALB - Area 82

Banfield Barkers
Professionally Speaking
Totem Pole Club
Vancouver Toastmasters Club

Area 84

Kendra Duby - Area 84

Leader’s Edge Club
New Beginnings Toastmasters
Speakers With Spirit Club
Wafermasters Club

Division H – Sunset

Emilie Taylor

Joe Anthony, ACG ALB - Division H Director

I intend to learn as much as I can this year, both from my team and from past division leadership. The amount of experience in Sunset Division is staggering, and together I’m confident we can set an unprecedented example.

Angela Kim - Area 91 Director

Sporty Speakers
TV Toastmasters
Walker Talkers
West Beaverton

Sushil Nema, ACB CL - Area 93 Director

Embracing Cultures
Timber Talkers

Alan "AJ" John, ACB ALB - Area 95 Director

Clean Water
Downtown Lunch Bunch
Fig Masters
Passport to Leadership
Tualatin Valley

Area 22

Brice Elmer, ACB ALB - Area 92

Cedar Hills
Liberty Talkers
Silicon Forest
Wrip City

Area 22

Tanya Myers, ACB - Area 94

Dawson Speakers

Division I – High Desert

Emilie Taylor

Joe Polk, ACG ALB - Division I Director

Last year brought about a good foundation from which to keep building. I want all High Desert Division members to know that their goals are our goals. That they are my goals. I want to inspire our members to reach for the ring…grab it and say, “YES!”

Frank Waterer, ACB - Area 10 Director

Prime Time Club
Redmond Area Toastmasters Club
Spirit Trackers

Judy Mason, ACB CL - Area 12 Director

Modoc Toastmasters Club
Smooth Talkers Club
Warner Mountain Club

Area 22

Faye Phillips, ACS ALB - Area 11

Bend Chamber Toastmasters
Communicators Plus
Highnooners Club
La Pine Chamber Toastmasters

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