D7 Rewards

District 7  now rewards you for  ”doing the right thing!”

Clubs and Members earn points by:

  • bringing a guest to your club meeting,
  • holding an open house
  • attending District training
  • earning your Toastmaster awards – CC, CL etc

What’s even better, every time you do the right thing, you AND every club where you are a member will receive an additional 10% of your points.

How the Program Works

Once a month, reports are available from Toastmasters International that track club successes, new members, member achievements, and officers trained. Points will be updated, based on the downloaded reports, and posted on District website. For club-centric activities (i.e., bring a guest, guest converts to member, charter a club, open house), complete the Club Activity Report

Redeeming your Points in the D7 $$ Exchange

Your points are worth 1/20th of a cent each. As an example, to determine how many points you will need to buy an $8.00 manual, simply divide $8.00 by .0005 ($8.00 / .0005 = 16,000 points).

• Go to the District 7 Toastmasters $$ Exchange Store

  • You have been pre-registered in the store.
  • Your initial login ID is [your_membership_number]@d7toastmasters.org
  • Your initial password is [your_membership_number]
For example, if your Toastmasters membership number is 34567, you would log in the first time as 34567@d7toastmasters.org and use 34567 as your initial password.
As soon as you log in – be sure to go to “My personal info” and change your email address to your real email address and reset your password to something that only you will know.  You should also check the “My Addresses” section and validate your shipping address.
You will be able to see all the points that you have earned under the “My TM Points” section.
If you want to turn your points into $$ – you must convert your points to a Voucher by clicking the link at the bottom of the points list.
To purchase products seach the product catalog or select from one of the featured items.

• Add products to your cart or to your wishlists.

When you are ready — check out.

If you have converted your points into vouchers — you will be able to select and add those vouchers to your cart to get the discount.

NOTE:  If you have a voucher for $10.00 and your order comes to $9.50, you will NOT get a credit for the fifty cents.

Continue with the check-out.  Validate your address — choose to pay either by Check or Paypal.

D7 Rewards Program Rules


• All incentives are based on the Distinguished Club Program and District goals
• Verifiable results based on Toastmaster International reports
• Networking/Training events based on registration documents
• Member/club results can be downloaded from Toastmasters International and point calculations updated on regular basis
• Using the D7 $$ Exchange for redeeming points will help track member usage of points
• Member point reports will be stored on D7 website for easy access by members
• TI store catalog with redemption points will be posted on D7 website in addition to Member Accumulated Points Report
• Like other redemption programs, each point is worth 1/20 of one cent
• Member points are transferrable to clubs. Club points are not transferrable to members.
• All unused points at the end of the redemption period will be deleted.
• Members and clubs can offset the cost of TI store purchases with a combination of points and currency.
• Club guests brought by the member can be claimed the first time they visit the club, subsequent visits cannot be claimed

Program examples


Example #1: Suzy belongs to three clubs: Club A, Club B, Club C. Suzy sponsors a new member into Club A based on the information contained on the back of the application. She earns 1,000 member points, and Club A earns 100 points for the new member.
Example #2: Erin belongs to three clubs: Club A, Club B, Club C. Erin attends TLI. She is an officer in Club B and Club C. She earns 1,000 non-officer points for Club A, 1,250 officer points for Club B and 1,250 points for Club C. Club A earns 100 member points, and Clubs B and C earn 125 points each. Total member points earned 3,500. Each club earns 125 points.
Example #3: Bill belongs to three clubs: Club A, Club B, Club C. He earns 3,000 points for attending a non-TLI Networking/Training event. Each club earns 300 points.
Example #4: Joe belongs to three clubs: Club A, Club B, Club C but is not an officer in any of them. He attends TLI and earns 1,000 points for each club, for a total of 3,000 points. Each club earns 100 points.