Vision Statement

To foster a culture where the members, working together,  bring in new members, retain current members, and charter new clubs.

I believe that club, area, and division leaders understand the dynamics of their clubs–what makes them tick and where opportunities for improvement abound.  My vision is that together we

  • create a set of best practices to increase membership in District 7 by springboarding off prior successes
  • develop, establish and promote retention of a district wide committee on new club opportunities
  • redesign a new club growth program where the experts in the District collaborate and teach best practices
  • develop a District 7  ”helpline” made up of District successful leaders, who are available when you need them, to answer questions and collaborate to find solutions
  • design meaningful recognition programs based on measurable goals to honor members for their service to the District

By connecting with each other, sharing resources, and seeking out opportunities to collaborate, District 7 will become the Number One District, with the highest rate of club growth and retention, in Region 2.