Club Fitness Program

Club Fitness Through Planned Action

The Club Fitness Program focuses on the needs of clubs with membership between 13 and 19 members. While these clubs are not at charter strength, they have more than 12 members. The purpose of the Club Fitness Program is to address the gap that occurs between the Club Coaching Program and charter strength clubs.

The purpose of the Club Fitness Program is to use internal resources to strengthen the club. Through an assessment of an individual club’s strengths and weaknesses, the Lt. Governor Marketing (LGM) and the Club Fitness Program Chair (CFPC) will assist club leaders in creating a tailored action plan that combines membership growth with leadership development. The LGM/CFPC will also provide the tools, resources and training to help club leaders carry out their action plan. By doing this, District 7 will build strong, sustainable, charter strength clubs.  In District 7, 31% of clubs are below charter strength.

District 7 Club Size Percentages as of 5/28/2012


Club coaches are assigned to clubs with fewer than 12 members because these clubs often lack the manpower necessary to expand the club. The clubs that have between 13 and 19 members have been seen as having the personnel necessary to create growth from within, on their own. The clubs will be provided with the tools and guidance necessary to set and achieve the goal of reaching charter strength through the utilization of the CFP.

To learn more about this program and how your club can participate, contact the Club Fitness Program team at